Wash Bins – Why You Should Consider a Trash Can Cleaning Service

Wash Bins – Why You Should Consider a Trash Can Cleaning Service

Trash bins are cesspools of dangerous germs like TB, E-coli, salmonella and listeria. Foul odors from rotting food, discarded diapers and medical waste also linger for weeks. Routine trash bin cleaning eliminates these dangers and keeps your family healthy. This Link:https://www.washbins.com/

Trash can cleaning services use pressurized water heated to more than 200 degrees to sanitize and clean your bins, cans, and dumpsters. This process kills over 99% of the bacteria and germs present on the surface of your trash cans, making them look and smell as good as new! Trash can cleaning services are available for residential and commercial customers. Typically, residential services are charged per trash can and commercial are charged by the number of bins serviced each week/month.

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The initial start up costs for a trash can cleaning service include a vehicle or trailer, cleaning equipment, advertising materials and website. However, the low entry cost for this type of business allows it to be profitable much faster than other businesses with higher startup costs.

WASH BINS provides professional trash can & dumpster cleaning and deodorizing to Western New York. This convenient cleaning + sanitizing service is scheduled on your trash day or the day after and uses hot pressurized water to clean & disinfect your cans, bins & dumpsters leaving them looking as good as new.

Millions of standardized trash bins are used in American households and with the trend towards recycling more and more, each household on average has 3 bins; a garbage, recycling and yard waste bin. The opportunity to offer a simple yet effective cleaning service to these millions of households is huge.

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