Upgrade Your Cinema Seating uk For a More Immersive Viewing Experience

Upgrade Your Cinema Seating uk For a More Immersive Viewing Experience

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From a lack of legroom to unforgiving upholstery – we’ve all been in a cinema seating uk that makes watching a movie a painful experience. That might be fine in a multiplex, but in your home cinema it’s not acceptable. Spending thousands of pounds on a projector and PJ set and not upgrading the seating is home cinema heresy.

Using commercial cinema seating for your private home theatre can transform the whole viewing experience. By reducing the distance between rows and moving them forward by even half a metre you’ll not only improve the scale of the image but you’ll also gain screen brightness. This will really make a difference when it comes to the clarity of the dialogue and music as well as enabling the viewer to be more immersed in the film’s world.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Cinema Seating in the UK

FrontRow offers a modular range of home cinema seats that can be mixed and matched to suit any room layout. The Roma range starts at about PS290 for a chair in a standard fabric (though there are other options including velour and faux leather). All the cinema seating uk from FrontRow features cup holders and headrests. They’re easy to mount on a plinth to create a sleek appearance and are available with power recline too.

For a truly immersive home cinema experience you can upgrade any of their seats to incorporate D-Box motion effects. This will give you the feeling of being in the middle of the action as it unfolds on the screen, and is particularly effective with fast-paced movies.

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