The Benefits of Linen Cotton Shirts

The Benefits of Linen Cotton Shirts

linen cotton shirts

Linen cotton shirts are no longer just vacation staples; these shirts are equally suited to the office and the weekend. They look great with shorts and pants and are wrinkle-free. They’re also an excellent choice for men who want a relaxed and breezy look. They’re not as heavy as some cotton shirts and are great for warm weather and casual wear.

Another major benefit of linen shirts is their ability to stand up to the test of time. They are up to 30% stronger than cotton shirts and will retain their softness and feel for years. They also breathe well and stay cooler than cotton. However, some people find that linen shirts have a starchy, scratchy feel when they’re first purchased.

Linen is a natural fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. Many linen clothes promote coolness but you can experience the opposite in air-conditioned rooms. They can also cause you to shiver if you wear them too tight. Fortunately, this material doesn’t shrink after washing, and they can last years.

Linen is also extremely durable, with its fibers resisting dirt and stains. This material is also machine washable, and can even be dry cleaned. In addition to being durable, linen is also easy to maintain and care for. While it may not look the most polished in a business environment, it’s a great choice for casual wear.

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