Restorative Yoga Brings Science to Life

Restorative Yoga Brings Science to Life

restorative yoga brisbane is a healing form of yoga that draws upon the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength of individuals to heal their bodies and spirit. This healing method draws upon the knowledge of various ancient cultures and philosophies to help individuals tap into their innate wisdom and power. Yoga teachers who specialize in restorative yoga have developed training programs that integrate meditation and movement techniques with deep breathing and relaxation techniques. This unique form of yoga has been practiced for more than 150 years and continues to be popular among people of many different ages. Through focused, controlled breathing and relaxation, individuals are able to increase their ability to heal themselves and to positively affect others.

Things You Will Learn In A Restorative Yoga Teacher Course

In addition to learning the various yoga poses and movements, students also gain a greater understanding of how the body is structured and what structures need to be strengthened and repaired. Through careful consideration and observation, yoga teachers are able to discern how patterns of thinking and behaving can impact the various systems of the body and how these behaviors can be changed to improve one’s quality of life. This type of restorative yoga incorporates a sound understanding of the body, mind, and spirit, along with an appreciation of yoga as a powerful and effective means of self-care. Many of the techniques taught are based on those used by Western medical professionals to treat diseases and illnesses, while others promote healthy behavior, self-awareness, and stress management.

The goal of this unique form of healing is to create a state of total health and well-being, by addressing both physical and mental conditions and focusing on positive, alternative ways of dealing with stress. Students learn about the mind-body connection and how this connection can lead to improved health, as well as increased creativity, confidence, and a higher level of well-being. Restorative yoga teachers also explore various breathing techniques, meditation, and pranayama techniques that can be used to further enhance the overall healing process. Classes are scheduled for morning, afternoon, and weekends so that students may easily fit them into their busy schedules. Classes for Healing are currently offered in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, with additional classes planned for later this year.

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