Mail Order Marijuana Canada

Mail Order Marijuana Canada

Mail order marijuana canada is a growing industry for both medical and recreational cannabis. These websites provide safe, secure and easy access to regulated cannabis products from licensed retailers across the country. All shipments are tracked and require an adult signature to receive your purchase.

Purchasing from illegal online retailers exposes you to fraud, identity theft and puts your personal information in the hands of organized crime groups that could use it to commit other serious crimes. It also exposes you to the risk of consuming contaminated products that may contain dangerous levels of THC or other substances like pesticides, lead and arsenic. Illegal online retailers are not regulated and do not have to meet any health and safety standards or be subject to rigorous testing or inspection. In addition, there is no guarantee the products you purchase will arrive at your door. The RCMP has standard operating procedures in place related to the inspection of mail in transit and, where necessary, will seek judicial authorization to search mail as part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Cannabis Convenience: A Guide to Mail Order Marijuana in Canada

Legal online retailers, referred to as MOMs, are regulated and subject to strict testing and inspection regimes. They are able to sell and ship a wide range of products, including flower, edibles, concentrates and accessories.

If you’re 19 or older, you can now order weed directly through Uber Eats in Toronto! This is the first time that a third-party delivery service has added cannabis to its menu in Canada. You’ll still need to present government-issued photo ID upon delivery. Your order will be delivered by the licenced retailer’s CannSell certified staff, in accordance with provincial regulations.

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