Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funeral Flower Arrangements

There are several different types of funeral flower arrangements and these are not only for the funeral service but also for after-funeral services and general day to day usage. Chrysanthemums – also called just “mums” – come in various shapes and forms making the chrysantum ideal for funeral arrangements. In some European traditions, chrysalis represent eternal life. They can form an entire bouquet, wreath, or spread on their own for support.

How to Funeral Flower Arrangements

funeral flower arrangements


Wreaths and Cypress: These arrangements are generally used at funerals for support or when the family desires a somber look. A popular style for funeral services is the rose wreath or funeral wreath. Cypress is used for funeral flower arrangements because it has a very deep and rich aroma that carries a certain sense of history and mysticism for the family or the mourners. These arrangements are often used alone or as an alternative to more traditional arrangements.

Arrangements for funerals vary greatly depending on what kind of feel the family or attendee desires. For some, the arrangement may be centered around a particular theme that is meaningful to them, while others may want something that evokes a favorite memory of the deceased. Regardless of the overall theme, funeral flower arrangements are a great way to bring the body and soul to the funeral. Flowers can be found online to help the family with this task or simply by visiting local florists to create custom arrangements of your own.

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