Common issues with Windows PC that I have had in my lifetime!

Common issues with Windows PC that I have had in my lifetime!


If you are anything like me, you are probably going to be having more than a few problems with your Windows computer. Some of them are very minor, but I have seen some major problems too. It is funny how that plays out because the computer is a very common element in our everyday lives. From our work, to family photos and even instant messaging on Skype, our computer is everywhere. Unfortunately, computers do not come cheap. When the price gets high, you expect the problems that you pay for them to get even higher.

There are some common issues with Windows computers that affect people daily. This can be very frustrating since it makes upgrading or maintaining your system harder and can be very costly as well. Here are some of the most common issues with Windows that you can run into and my helpful tips to hopefully get around some of them!

  1. Slow as a snail!

One of the biggest annoyances for any Windows computer user is that it will take forever for the computer to start up and I have been a victim of it many times. I am sure many of you have been in that same place. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to boot up and open the computer. The issue is that most times your computer has thousands of files sitting on the start-up drive waiting to open, and it takes the computer a long time to search through it all and load them up – especially if your operating system files are buried under hundreds and thousands of photos so as to say.

One way around this problem is to make sure all the unused software on your computer is uninstalled and/or deleted. According to Computer Technician’s website – you can speed up the start-up time by removing such clutter from your computer – especially programs or files that load up when you start up your computer. This means deleting files that have not been used in a while and finding other files that can be quickly used. You should run a disk defragmenter after defragmentation to ensure all the files are cleaned up and not taking up disk space.

  1. I always misplace my files!

Another common problem for Windows users is that we have files that are not being located where they should be. This is usually due to the system having several redundant programs and services running that are not needed now. One way to fix this is to install and use a “registry cleaner” file. A registry cleaner scans through the entire Windows system and fixes any of the damaged or corrupted files that are inside it. This can improve the speed of your computer drastically and make it run faster and more efficiently as it no longer must search through so many files when opening a program or saving data. Also, this may even help fix file association problems that commonly occur in Windows machines.

  1. Cache & Temporary files

It is very common for a Windows computer to encounter problems with its cache. This is because when you connect to the Internet, your computer will use the local cache to find files for the sites you visit. If you have many websites that you visit, this problem can really slow down your PC.

  1. Cache problems

To fix these cache problems, you need to use a “registry cleaner” program again. A registry cleaner will scan through all the registry settings on your PC and repair any of the damaged cache that are causing problems. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they have corrupt registry files – because they do not know what they are. Let me explain – The registry is a database that Windows uses to store information and settings for your system. It is where all the files for your computer are kept, including the likes of your latest emails and desktop wallpaper.


Unfortunately, this part of Windows is prone to making your computer extremely slow, as it keeps saving many of the files in the wrong way which makes them corrupt and damaged. This means that when your computer tries to open a file, it may take longer for it to load, as it must search through a lot of corrupt files. Registry problems are one of the most common reasons why Windows PCs is run slowly, and if you want to speed up your PC, you should always use a registry tool to fix the various problems that it could be having.


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