Best Beaches to Visit in Ghana

Best Beaches to Visit in Ghana

The country of Ghana spans across the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea. It is situated in West Africa and shares borders with Burkina Faso, Togo, and Ivory Coast. If you’re planning a trip to Ghana, consider the following recommendations for the best beaches to visit. A vacation in Ghana isn’t complete without a stop by its beach resorts. These destinations offer everything from relaxing vacations to a full-on adventure. Follow this website for more valuable information.

best beaches to visit in ghana

The Accra area has some of Ghana’s best beaches. Labadi Beach in the Volta region is home to a large stretch of pristine sand. There are many hawkers and restaurants that cater to holidaymakers. It’s also close to several national parks and other tourist attractions. It is popular with locals and is a good choice for families. A trip to the Accra beach is sure to be a fun-filled day.

For a more remote getaway, try the popular Ada Beach. It sits on an estuary and is a great base for water sports. Visitors can enjoy sport fishing, surfing, and more on this serene beach. This beach is also less crowded than most of Ghana’s other beaches. In addition to the beaches, there are other places to explore and see while in Accra. For example, you can see the beautiful Cape Coast Castle, which was built by Swedish traders.

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