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Choosing the Right Surface For Your Portable Staging

Portable Staging is an alternative to permanent staging and a great solution for schools, colleges, theatres, hotels, conference centres, community halls and leisure venues. This type of staging is easily transportable, quick to set up and is customisable to suit individual venue requirements. This style of stage is ideal for a wide variety of events and performances, including concerts, festivals, theatrical productions, business presentations and school assemblies.

Choosing the right surface for your portable staging is essential, as it will determine how easy the stage is to use, whether you can perform on it with confidence and what types of performances it can be used for. There are a number of different surface options available for your portable staging, including carpet, timber and weather-resistant polyvinyl. To help you make the best decision, we have compared each of these surface types to find out what their pros and cons are.

Portable Perfection: The Art of Transformative Staging

When choosing your portable staging, it is also important to consider its load ratings. This is the maximum amount of weight that a manufacturer has tested the stage to safely support over its entire surface area. This rating is typically referred to as the standard uniform load, point load, or dynamic live load.

It is always advisable to purchase your portable staging from a recognized, trusted supplier that can offer you competitive rates and industry-leading warranties and after-sales care. Purchasing a cheap stage that has been imported can often prove to be more costly in the long run due to a lack of performance, service and support.